How many times a week do you ship?

We have daily flights, Monday through Friday.

Are your offices open on the weekends?

We are not open on the weekends, only the weekdays (Monday-Friday).

If you are closed, how can we contact you?

You can either contact us via e-mail or via the live chat on our website. The live chat is active between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Our response time is normally within five minutes.

How long does it take for my package to arrive?

The shipments are normally next day, depending on whether or not the package is received with an invoice. If the shipment is received without an invoice, the process can be delayed by a day, until we receive an invoice. We highly recommend e-mailing the copy of the invoice to our e-mail address so that we can have it for our records in the event your package is received without an invoice.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! Areas in the general parts of Nassau, there's a flat rate fee of $15.00. For areas passing the Arawak Cay area such as Lyford Cay and Old Fort there's a delivery charge of $20.00.

Do you guys pick up in the U.S.?

Yes we do! For pick ups in Fort Lauderdale, we charge a fee of $60.00 per store. For pick ups in Miami, there's a charge of $80.00 per store.

What is the Cubic Weight of an object and how is it used to calculate the freight charge?

The cubic weight of an object is the objects dimensions such as its height, length and width. This method of freight charge is normally used when the box is large and the weight of it is light. Please find the calculation of this fee below:

Height x Width x Length divided by 139.

If the cubic weight is larger than the actual weight, the cubic weight must be used.

Does tropix offer seats to the U.S.? Can the plane be chartered?

Yes we do, contact us for the rates as well as bookings. We also offer out-island charters and charters to the United States.

Does Tropix ship via Ocean? How long does it take?

We sure do! Send us an e-mail for our rates! This process will normally take between three to five business days.